5 Types of Women Head Wraps Were Made For

To wrap or not to wrap? That is the question. I know, cliche, but I can think back to a time in the not-so-distant past when I would see a woman with a head wrap on and think to myself, "She looks like a goddess" and then quickly conclude that there was no way that I could pull one off in such a way. 

I wish someone would have let me in on the secret then that I'm going to let you in on now. You don't have to pull off a head wrap in any specific way or like anyone that you have ever seen rock one. They are designed to be fluid accessories that you can use how you see fit within your lifestyle and wardrobe.

The most interesting head wrap slayers, in my humble opinion, are usually the ones who quite honestly have no "method to their madness" and just kind of let the natural flow of their style unfold on it's own (or wrap on it's own if I'm being literal). I could feel this way, because this is not unlike my own personal style. I enjoy mixing prints, season colors, somewhat opposing styles, you name it. So I guess that brings us to the first kinda gal on our list:

 1) The Boheme Bombshell

You love head wraps for the level of dimension and flair they add to any of your outfits. You're not particularly concerned with coordinating or planning out how your new accessory will come in to play.  You just let all pieces come together effortlessly. Maybe that's why your style is so easy and breezy.

2) The Wash Day Procrastinator

Your best hair days are somewhere between Day 3 and 6, but somehow you find yourself still playing the convincing game on Day 9 that you can continue on another day without washing. That's when you get the call. You always get the call, the one from your girl with the last minute rundown on an event you MUST attend with her and here you are looking like a Brillo pad about the head. You don't sweat because you know EXACTLY how to go from hair fail to FABULOUS.

3) The Glamorous Gym Rat

There are no days off in the gym for you. Your health is your wealth and you invest a lot of time into making sure that you feel just as good on the inside as you look on the outside. You're above the basic gym ponytail because, well, you're not basic (no shade ya'll). You think of your gym style as an extension of your day-to-day style and enjoy bringing a piece of it along for your workout. Your go-to high pony wrap keeps your tresses contained and your look posh, just the way you like it.

4) The Beach Bum

You're a tropical girl who loves recharging under the sun and doing a bit more than simply splashing around in the salt water. Contrary to popular opinion, there are plenty of curly gals who LOVE to swim and don't let their hair hold them back from enjoying themselves. You're one of them. However, we all know what happens to natural hair that's been dried from the salt. It never looks too hot, but you know exactly how to skip the hot mess walk of shame back to the car. A few swoops and twists and who would know what you've really got going on under that wrap, sis?

5) The Survivor

You have the fight of all of your ancestors rolled up into one human form. You've had your faith tested and stretched, but you're still standing ready to give all the gifts you have to offer this world. You don't let your loss become who you are or control what your future has in store. You persist and evolve, coming out of your fight STRONGER than you ever thought you could be. You wear your wrap to remind you to hold your head taller and keep your shoulders proud.

For all the women I've described, there are many more who fall in love with both the regality and functionality of head wraps. What kind of head wrap slayer are you? Comment below!




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